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Davao City – Diverse and Urbanized

Davao City is one of the Philippines largest cities - it has an approximate land area of 2,500 square kilometres – and is highly urbanized. The beginnings of Davao as a distinct geopolitical entity started during the last fifty years of Spanish rule in the country, and now today the city enjoys being part of the East Asian Growth Area, a regional economic cooperation initiative in Southeast Asia.

Within the city limits, there is evidence of the city’s historical influences and key landmarks include the Mindanao Folk Arts Museum and the People’s Park.

Regionally, agriculture is its largest economic sector however there is a growing commercial infrastructure.  

The city’s significant land area allows its residential districts to be some of the most livable in the Philippines, and there are options available to buy or rent - for around P 300,000 you can find two-bedroom condo’s in the city.
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