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Makati City – a City of Many Faces

Makati, a ‘city of many faces’, is home to more than half a million people whilst at the same time being recognised as the country’s main financial centre which contributes to an estimated half of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (‘GDP’).

Makati is also home of some the Philippine’s top schools and universities, entertainment districts – there is no shortage of places to wine and dine, large shopping malls with exclusive brands and major department stores, cultural museums, historical icons, and medical facilities - all these contribute to Makati’s prestige and reputation as a place to work, live and play.

Makati has a number of exclusive residential villages centred on the key districts, however Makati’s barangays are also close to the business and entertainment districts, and they offer a more affordable option.

The city has a strong rental market given the cost of purchasing property in the area.

Living in the ‘city with many faces’ means being at the heart of the Philippines cultural, commercial and education capital. 
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